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Is your Boat Transport Company licensed, insured and bonded?

Yes, our company is licensed, insured and bonded. We are listed with federal motor carrier safefy administration with an active license since 1994.

How much does it cost to ship a boat?

The price varies depending on the size of the boat, the distance traveled, and the popularity of the route. To get your free boat transportation estimate click here.

How do I prepare my boat and boat trailer for moving?


Check the tires. Look for the right air pressure. Air pressure should be located on each tire. If a tire on a boat trailer is not properly inflated, it can blow while in transport. When the temperature gets hot from driving on the tire while the tire pressure is low, the tire has a chance to instantly expand air pressure causing the tire to burst. Look for dry rot. If a tire is old or has been sitting in area for a long time it may have dry rot causing the tire to be unsafe. If the tire has bad dry rot on it, then it is much safer to just replace the tire before having a transporter come out to pick up boat. In any case, it is always good to have a spare tire with the boat. If a tire goes bad a long the way, the driver will put your spare on. If no spare is available, we will buy a tire and put it on. You would only have to reimburse the driver for the tire.


Each wheel on a boat trailer will have bearings. If the bearings are not greased, then the bearings may get very hot and cause the bearings to go bad. If that happens, the wheel can come off of the axel. Most bearings have grease fittings where you can pump grease easily into the the bearing. Our drivers are trained to look out for that in transport yet preparing it before shipment will reduce any risk.


Lights should be on the trailer. If your boat trailer has no lights, please let us know in advance so we can bring with us a light bar that attaches to the back of your boat trailer. If you have no way to check to see if all lights are working, please let us know in advance so we do send a driver out there with a light bar.

Boat cover / Canopy / Shrink Wrap

Our reccomendation is that no boat cover shall be on a boat while we are in transport. As though it may seem that it will protect your boat, in a lot of cases the wind from transport will cause rips in the cover and the cover will flap against the boat causing scuff marks. Also, shrink wrap, as good as it sounds, in most cases it is not worth the cost. It does have a high chance of coming off in the wind while in motion.

Secure boat to Trailer

We do check the boat to make sure it is secured to your trailer. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that this is already done. Of course, no driver wants to drive down the road with a boat not secured!

Is your boat overwide?

Is your boat over 8ft 6in wide? If so, we will need permits in each state we move the boat. We will handle getting the permits. Our drivers are very experienced with moving overwide boats. There are a lot of things to look out for when moving an oversize boat. Each state has a restriction on what time of day we can and can not be on the highway towing the boat. Most states will not let us drive after dark. Also, our drivers will be aware of what is ahead. In some cases certain roads do not allow overwides to pass through. In certain cities in the country, an escort may be required to drive through if boat is over 10 ft wide. Generally, escorts are not required unless over 12 ft wide on major highways..

Choosing the right Boat Transporter

Choose for your shipping needs!  If you do want to look around for others, here is what to look for: First things first, make sure that the shipping company has insurance. Secondly, make sure the company is licensed with the federal government and if the company has a (Motor Carrier) MC Number. If they do have a MC Number, please verify that the number shows up on the federal government website and that they can operate in all US States and Canada. Some companies just have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number which only allows them to operate in their own state. and Showroom Transport has both a MC and DOT number. Next, be sure they are a legitimate company. There are some companies online that take your information and money while having other trucking companies bid on your transport. Be careful! A lot of those companies are not real companies. You may save some money going with those companies yet the service may be nonexistent, horrible, or worse, you end up never seeing your boat again.


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